Whistler Radar Detectors - XTR-580 laser models

The Whistler 1778 Laser Detector, is one of the most reliable radar detectors in the market from Whistler. This device is quite sensitive to laser and can also detect a wider range of bands such as the Ka band which is more recent. It has a clearer LCD display that makes the text more distinct and easier to read when exposed to sunlight. It has a stay alert feature which keeps you alert if you have been driving for a long time or when you are on a long distance journey. To avoid draining your car battery, a feature called the auto-shutoff will automatically switch off the device for you. There are units of this device that are battery operated.

Whistler also offers high performance detection products. These products have a higher capability when it comes to detecting signals. They are very sensitive and also have a number of extra features that allows them to detect signals better. One such device is the Whistler XTR-695. It has a Total Band selection feature that allows you to select a number of bands that you want. In addition, it also has a multiple city modes that allow you to switch between bands when you are moving between different cities that use different bands.


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The display is clear with a colored background that makes the text more visible. This makes the text easier to read even under a lot of bright light or direct sunlight. You can choose between 7 different screen colors for the display. Other feature includes voice alerts, instead of the usual audio alert. This feature can be switched on or off. You can also set the priority of alerts.

The Whistler XTR-130 is a low end radar detector for those on a budget. This device is simple but still delivers results and performs well enough for a device of its price. It also has a quite sensitive radar detector capability relative to devices of that price range. It has a Vg-2 cloaking technology and can receive a number of bands which you can switch on and off. Like other devices, it has a city mode that switches on and off when you move between cities. This device lacks several features but it is very fairly priced.

Some of the best models include the Whistler XTR-580 radar detector, Cruisader , 1730, XTR-335, Pro 73, XTR-580, XTR-590, XTR-540, 1743, 975, XTR-195, Pro 78, Pro-68SE, XTr-145, XTR-140, Pro 58, 1788 and obviously, the list goes on! That's understandable consider the fact that these models get some of the top rated reviews in this industry.

If you do not have a habit of speeding and have only received a speeding ticket only once or twice, then this device will serve your needs perfectly. Whistler is a brand that has the most affordable radar detectors and has served the lower end of the market quite well.