Valentine Radar Detectors - One 1 Models

The valentine brand has a number of notable products in the radar detector business that are both innovative and unique. The Valentine company has a registered a number of patents related to these technologies. Valentine Research Inc has developed devices which are capable of detecting a number of signals simultaneously. The other unique thing about Valentine’s products, is that you can upgrade your device to keep up with new technologies and new devices from the same company. Here are some of the radar/laser detection products from the Valentine Company. 

One of the most popular models from Valentine is the Valentine One model. This device is capable of delivering multiple warnings from multiple sources simultaneously. This includes both the radar and laser sources. It has the capability of receiving laser and radar signals. It can receive radar signals from a number of bands including Ka Band, X band, K band and Ku band. It sweeps through all these signals to check for police radars in the vicinity. It can do this with its double antenna design that allows it to detect signals from a 360 degree angle. It is unique from other models, because when you receive a signal you know the direction the signal is coming from.


valentine radar detectors              


The Valentine one has a very high level of sensitivity. This makes it easy to spot radar signals from miles away. Some tests done independently puts it above all other models in the market in terms of sensitivity to signals. Its laser detection capability is among the best in the market. Coupled with its ability to detect signals from all directions it can prove to be a very reliable device to any motorist looking for a good model.

It has an LCD screen which shows you not only the direction of the signal, but also the priority of the same signal. It gives you an idea of which of the signals is a false alarm by listing them in order of their false alarm probability. You can also change the sensitivity of the device which also helps the motorists after encountering false alarms.

The V1 remains relevant for many years because it is easy to upgrade and keep up with new technologies. The Valentine Research Inc has offered upgrades for its devices since 1994. You can save money that you would have spent buying new devices.

This device is also fairly easier to mount than many other similar devices in the market. It has a mount that involves the use of suction cups that is easy to mount and also makes the device stable. It has a longer power cord that makes it easy to mount anywhere on the dashboard.

The upgrade capability of the Valentine not only makes it easy to upgrade but also provides a convenient way to replace parts. You can easily find parts for this device online whether you want to upgrade or replace. This is a device you can buy and last with for years without worrying about it being outdated.