Motorcycle Radar Detectors - Whistler Models


When the idea of radar detectors for motorcycles came out, it presented two unique problems. One was the problem of having the radar getting rained on or exposed to moisture, therefore ruining it. This meant the unit must be water and weather proof. Some models have a housing that protects the device from rain and other elements. Other detectors have a special design that makes them capable of handling a considerable amount of exposure to rain. This type of device does not need a protective casing.

The second problem was the issue of how to alert the rider every time a police radar is encountered. Most radar detectors give their warnings through audio beeps. For a motorcyclist, this can be challenging as he may fail to hear, due to the sound of the motorcycle engine and the helmet worn by the rider. Some manufactures have tried coming up with radar detectors for motorcycles that have ways of working around this problem.



Whistler one of the leading brands that makes these detection products and has a popular product named Whistler Cruisader for motorcycles. This detector can be used to detect a number of bands, like radar, laser and VG-2 bands. You can also switch of band detection in areas where certain bands are not in use. With this product, it is possible to receive a visual alert through your helmet’s peripheral vision. It can receive several signals and has a feature that allows you to priorities the different signals it receives. One of the problems is that it is not easy to mount. For most motorcycles you can mount it only on the area near the middle of the handle bar.

Escort another leading brand in the manufacturer of radar detectors has its own line designed specifically for motorcycles. The Escort Passport 9500ix is a GPS powered device that has many attractive features. It is one of the unique radar detection systems that can detect signals within a 360 degree angle. It can detect both radar and laser signals from whichever angle they are coming from. It has an auto learn feature that intelligently learns locations where you are likely to find cops with a radar gun. It also has the capacity to discern between false signals and genuine radar signals, which is an annoying problem for those who live in cities.




There are many other products online where you can find different types of detection technologies that can fit your needs. As a buyer there are many considerations to make. For example, you need to find a motorcycle mounted model that is easy to affix onto your bike. It is also important, for security reasons, to find one that is not easy to remove. This helps prevent the theft of the device. Some devices will come with an installation manual.

If you buy a used detector, you need to inform the manufacturer so that they know your device is not stolen. By doing this, you will avoid getting on the wrong side of the law.