Escort Radar Detectors - Redline & 9500ix Models

The Escort radar detector brand is well known for its unique and large variety of model products. The company has produced models for 30 years and is well versed and experienced in the radar detector business. The company has earned some awards in the last few years for its innovative products in different types of models and new technologies, that allow you to map points of interests using GPS and more recently social media. The escort brand has tried to stay up to date with new technologies as has been reflected with their new product offerings. Here are some popular products from escort:

One of the products that have been there for sometime now, but still fairy new, is the Escort Passport IQ. It is an intelligent model which is capable of informing the driver of different points of interest and varying speed limits. It informs the driver when speed limits change as he moves from one region to the other. It does this by using a GPS unit which can accurately pinpoint different areas.


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Most motorist who have previously used models, have been frustrated by the device’s false signals especially for motorists in cities. There are many other devices that use the same frequency as the model. The Escort Passport IQ has the capability to discern false signals from devices such as electronic doors and genuine signals from speed radars. It learns new locations and registers them so that you are alerted.

Another popular Escort product is the Passport Qi45. This is a product developed after thorough consumer research on what people look for when buying a model. It addresses most of the problems encountered by motorists when using models. One of the problems it addresses is the issue of mounting the device. Some devices may take up to 6 hours to mount properly. They make it quite difficult to mount. The Passport Qi45 makes it easier to mount the device in your car and takes less time. It is quite easy to install it, saving you the need to hire professional help. The installation makes it more discreet and therefore harder to be stolen.




The Passport Qi45 is designed in such a way that it has 3 main parts. It has a display, the connect interface and the receiver/ antenna. Most models have all these components together in one unit. Separating these components makes it easy to mount the device anywhere in the car and provides a higher level of security.

Some of the best Escort model products include the escort Redline model, 9500ix, 8500, Solo S2 cordless model, x50, 9500ci, GPS models, 7500 and many others!

The latest product from Escort incorporates new technologies and trends. One such device is the Escort Live that you can use together with your iPhone or Android phone via Bluetooth technology. This device allows you to communicate with other drivers while on the go therefore giving real time alerts. Since the information is shared with other users, you can spot a radar even before your model is within range. The Escort brand is a respected brand in the model business; you can’t go wrong with Escort models.