Radar Detectors - Top Escort & Whistler Models

Any motorist who chooses to buy a radar detector should consider a number of things before purchasing one. Generally, they use a radio wave detector to intercept an incoming radio wave from a police or law enforcement agency. This has many implications with regards to its efficacy to a motorist who wants to know if there is a policeman with a radar gun around the corner. Some authorities use other technologies which cannot be detected by an ordinary model. Also, some of these detectors cannot distinguish between traffic drones and other electronic equipments that use radio waves.

One of the most popular brands is the Escort line. The escort Redline model has a dual antennae design that gives it a very high level of sensitivity. You can detect police radar from miles away with its high level of sensitivity. This device has the capability of being blind to RDD (Model-Detector). In Virginia and Washington having these things is illegal. In Minnesota, it is illegal because of traffic laws that prohibit affixing objects on the windshield. If you happen to be crossing states, the Escort redline detector will come in handy as it will make your model blind to RDD.


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The Escort brand has other products that add many interesting features to your ordinary radar gun detector. One problem encountered by motorists is false alarms that arise from electronic equipment that use the same frequency of radio waves. The Escort Passport 9500ix has the capability to intelligently cancel out signals that are as a result of false alarms. It has GPS technology that maps areas where there are speed limits, so that you are aware of the speed limits as you move from one area to another.

Another popular brand is the Valentine laser detector. The Valentine brand has many unique designs which they have patented. The Valentine 1 is one such unique design. It allows the motorist to see all the laser detectors within a 360 degree angle, with its two radar antennas. Radar and LIDAR technologies are the most common technologies used by the authorities to detect speeding vehicles. The valentine one can detect radar with any of these technologies; it covers most of the radars you are likely to encounter when on the road. Some independent tests have indicated that the valentine 1 is the most sensitive of all the radar and LIDAR detectors in the market.
The Whistler brand has a broader range of radar and laser detectors which can fit any car or budget. The Whistler XTR-130 is a great bargain with its price ranging from $38 to $50. This particular product is not very sensitive to signals, but it has a number of features that make it a great bargain. If you do not have a lot of money to spend, the Whistler XTR-130 is the best money saver.
Other popular brands include Bel, Beltronics and other top rated models.




You should beware of the laws in your state and what they say about these types of radar detectors. You should consider getting an RDD if you drive between states frequently.